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Why our customers choose us

Fast service

We like speed. When you transfer money or got a question we will be ready to help you in no time.


Our support team can help you if there is any doubt. Got an issue? please test our knowledge and skils.

Easy to use

The system is made to be easy as 1, 2, 3. Signup and login in the same way. Fill your details and you are ready to start transfer.

Send service

We send money to all over the world and with many kind of sending and receiving options.

Safe and Secure

We have been working with money transfer since 2003. We would like to say that we are experts in the area of sending money world wide. Together with our money transfer partner we have a rock solid system to keep your transfer safe and secure. At the same time we follow all laws and regulations that keeps the world safe.

With the power of Bank ID we created the most secure sign-on check. We keep your details encrypted in our vault and only our support team together with the money sending service can see the most necessary details to complete the transfer task.


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